Improve your internet speed while in LockDown !!

Internet is essential infrastructure at any time, but it is especially top of mind during the current Covid-19 lockdown. many people working from home as well as Studying from home for the first time are now realizing the Importance of Broadband Connection.
Indians will be asking themselves if they have the best connection for their needs during this time.

Facebook has become the latest service to lower video bitrates to help prevent internet congestion during the coronavirus lockdown.
The social media giant said it would temporarily reduce the video quality of content on Facebook and Instagram in some countries including India. 
It follows Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube confirming similar moves after concerns were raised about the ability of internet networks to handle increases in user traffic as millions stay at home during the Covid-19 outbreak.
Bitrate is the amount of data streamed per second when watching a video online.
Here is the Steps you can follow to increase the speed of your broadband at your level :

  • 1 ) Reboot your router

The age-old quick-fix is back; if something isn't working, switch it off then turn it on again.
While it may be a running joke among IT people, restarting your internet really does work quite often.
Make sure you wait at least 10 seconds before switching your Router back on.
Do Not "Reset" as it will erase all the configuration your ISP has feed in. at least not at this time, when Internet is as good as oxygen. 

  • 2) Find the best place for your router

  • To get the best out of your internet connection you should make sure your router is not being obstructed by anything.
    Keep it in an open location in your home.
    Your microwave can also reduce your WiFi speed, so try not to use it when on video calls or while you're doing something important online.

    • 3) Move to a wired connection

    While it may not be ideal, using an Ethernet cable to connect your device is the best way. 
    "For people working from home and sharing large files, connecting their laptop with a wired connection will help them get the best speeds,
    "It’s also worth connecting devices which use more data – like games consoles and Smart TVs – with an Ethernet cable."

    Hope this Small Tips can help you to solve bit of a wifi problem at your end.

    Image Courtesy - Google Images 

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